Gabby’s Gift Guide

gift guide

Happy holidays, Spirit Junkies!
This year I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite gift items. These goodies will serve your mind, body and spirit. Plus, many of them are gifts that keep on giving!

Gabby’s Gift Guide

1. Owl Prayer Parchment Poster
It’s pretty obvious that I’m digging owls lately. For me the owl represents spiritual guidance. When I am in doubt I ask my guides to show me an owl as a sign that I’m on the right track. The owl reminds us to tap into our inner wisdom and see beyond our physical site. This sweet gift can be framed, offered as a gift card or added to a vision board. This may be a gift you want to give to yourself too. Check out the owl prayer poster here.



2. Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Pyramid Lamp


I’m obsessed with Himalayan salt lamps! When lit, the lamp emanates a calming glow. It’s great to put this lamp near your computer to balance its energy. Bonus: When it’s heated, the Himalayan salt ionizes the air. This is a great gift for anyone looking to spice up their Zen den or bring more peace and calm into their office or home. Check it out here.

3. Stevia-Sweetened Dark Chocolate
Now that I’m off sugar, I treat myself with dark stevia-sweetened chocolate. This treat has greatly served me on my journey of getting off sugar. Whenever I have a craving after dinner I take a little square of my stevia dark chocolate and I’m truly satisfied. Unlike many common sugar substitutes, stevia is natural and extracted from plant leaves.
The stevia chocolate that I love the most is Coco Polo. If you want to give an awesome gift, check out the Coco Polo variety pack. (My favorite flavor is coconut!) Never fear your sugar cravings again. Your stevia chocolate will come to the rescue! Grab a bar here.
4. The Gift of Miracles
A fabulous gift for any Spirit Junkie friend or even a spiritual newbie is my book Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow and Finding Your True Purpose. In this book I’ve handpicked 108 simple techniques to combat our most common problems, like stress, burnout, frustration and resentment — the stuff we deal with on a daily basis. This book is designed purposefully for you to achieve peace and experience miracles now. It’s the perfect jump start to the New Year.
Plus, this gift keeps on giving! When you pick up the book you get three gifts from me:
Gift 1: Access to my three-hour video workshop, Manifesting Miracles Now, which includes:
- My top three meditations for enhancing your attracting power
– My five key exercises for manifesting your desires
– Q&A and much more!
Gift 2: The Live a Miraculous Life Video Lecture
In this two-hour lecture, I teach my step-by-step tools for creating more happiness and life flow.
Gift 3: Miracles Now Audio Book Intro
Experience Miracles Now on your commute or any other time you want to listen to awesome content. Click here to buy the book and get my gifts!

5. New Books I Dig!
My lovely friend and doctor, Frank Lipman, has new book! It offers simple rules for getting a good night’s sleep, why a daily dose of sunlight is crucial, and which toxic cosmetics and kitchen products to toss. What I love most about The New Health Rules is the beautiful art and simple format. Similar to Miracles Now, you can open the book to any page and gain insights and wisdom that will change your life. Check out the book here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 5.31.53 PMEver wish you could have the top experts in weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and anti-aging available to answer your pressing questions—and to coach you to become your fittest, healthiest self? Well, now, you can! Check out my friend Michele Promaulayko’s new book, 20 Pounds Younger! This is the perfect gift for anyone on a path of personal growth. Gift it today.




6. Mquan Trinket Dish Set
Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 6.53.55 PMI love to team up with my friends at ABC Carpet and Home to pick out my favorite items from their store. This year I featured the Mquan trinket dish set. I’m obsessed with the symbols on each one: The set of four features the sun, the moon, the stars, and the breath (or Om). These dishes are perfect for your altar, jewelry table, dresser top or any decorative area in your home.


7. Angel Calendar with Messages from Your Angel
Anything with angel messages is the perfect holiday gift. We all love to receive divine guidance. This beautiful Doreen Virtue wall calendar offers angel messages for every month of the year. Begin 2015 with some wisdom from the angels. Check out the calendar here.

8. Give More Gabby
This holiday season, Give More Gabby! I just launched my Monthly Miracle Subscription platform Get More Gabby, and I’m making it easy to give this awesome gift to a fellow Spirit Junkie!                                                                                                                                                         Get More Gabby is a monthly subscription that lets members access my latest and greatest never-before-heard content along with my tried-and-true Gabby tools, lectures and more. It makes a great gift for any friend who wants to go further on their path of spiritual and personal growth. Plus, having friends join in on the program makes it super easy and fun to be each other’s spiritual running buddies.
Here’s how you can Give More Gabby:
– Set up an account for your friend here.
– Email and request the Give More Gabby high-resolution gift card PDF.
– Print the beautiful card and Give More Gabby.
I’m so happy to share Get More Gabby with you and your friends this holiday season! Get psyched for a year of miracles.

9. Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes — They’re Free!
krisThis is an awesome gift – and it’s free! My girl Kris Carr, the New York Times best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Kitchen is offering 13 cooking videos (over 1.5 hours of footage) totally free. In these videos Kris teams up with Chef Chad to cook up amazing plant-empowered food. Join Kris and enjoy your cooking adventures here.


10. Slow Cooker
Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.37.47 AMIf you follow me on Instagram you know that I get down in the kitchen. One of my favorite ways to cook is with a slow cooker! In my Crock-Pot I make stew, chili, oatmeal, you name it. This is an awesome gift for someone who “doesn’t have time to cook”! All you have to do is throw some ingredients into the Crock-Pot, leave it alone for several hours and return in the evening to find that dinner is good to go. You can serve up some love this holiday season by gifting a Crock-Pot.
11. Give the Gift of Education.
miracle schoolI’m thrilled to be partnering with Pencils of Promise (PoP) to build a school in Ghana. We can make new school structures possible and change the future for students in Ghana. It costs just $25 to provide a student with an education for a year and $25,000 to fund an entire school. Join me and Pencils of Promise for the Season of Promise as we fund 25 schools in Ghana.
As a holiday gift you can donate on someone’s behalf to the Miracle School in Ghana. If you live in NYC, join me on February 3rd for my SOULCYCLE charity ride to raise money for the Miracle School. Get tickets for the charity ride here.
12. Spirit Junkie Angel Rings
Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.42.37 AMYou will dig these rings! My mom and her friend designed them especially for the Spirit Junkie community. Check out the single angel ring, which you can wear on your pinkie or as a midi ring on another finger. Then there’s the double angel ring, which really rocks. Check out the rings here.
Keep in mind that these rings won’t ship until the New Year. You can print the image and add it to a card to let your friends know what’s coming their way.
Bonus Gift for YOU!
To help you through the rest of the holiday season with ease and grace I’m pleased to share my FREE Body Love Meditation with you. This meditation will help you stay present in your body when your ego tries to binge on holiday cookies (or family drama)! I hope this meditation greatly serves you. Click here to enjoy this free gift.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 1.17.10 PM

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