How to eat slower and more mindfully

I’m a pretty fast-paced lady. I do everything fast: I talk fast, work fast and move fast (I practically scurry down the sidewalk sometimes). This speedy energy has served me very well in many areas of my life, but not at the dinner table. All my life I’ve been a fast eater. This negative pattern has been self-destructive in two ways: I never really taste or savor my food, and I feel anxious around mealtime.

As always, I’ve chosen to teach what I need to learn. In this video I offer three steps to eat more slowly and mindfully. If you already eat slowly, I welcome you to share your own tools in the comments below.

My eating habits offer me an ongoing learning opportunity to tune in, relax and enjoy the moment. Watch now for my tips on how to eat more slowly.

And if you’re interested in further guidance on this topic check out my online workshop, Finally Full: A digital course on spirituality and food.

For even more guidance on this topic check out these blogs:

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