How to handle success

I recently received an email from a fellow Spirit Junkie, Cynthia, who has been on a spiritual path for years. Her commitment to her inner hustle has created a lot of outward success. This sounds super exciting, right? Well, as awesome as success can be, it can also bring up a lot of fear. Check out Cynthia’s email, which I’m sharing with her permission.

Dear Gab,

I had a vlog topic for you. We spend so much time wishing and envisioning what we want and what our lives could be like and seeking out opportunities that we think will get us there, well, what happens when it actually happens (u get the call from oprah), how do you literally not crap your pants and trust that all will be well when you take that next evolutionary step and break your current mold. How can you trust what will be waiting on the other side???

Yes, I have a big opportunity that I’m considering taking and it’s challenging me in soooo many ways!!! would love ur pearls!!!

~ Cynthia

This email made me laugh out loud because it was far too familiar. I can remember countless experiences in my own life in which my ego tried to sabotage my successes. In this video blog I address the fear head-on and offer tips on how to handle success.

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