The #1 Key to Success

I recently had a soulful conversation with my dear friend Robert Holden, the author of the new book, Holy Shift. We discussed how people get stuck in the belief system that they need to achieve some sort of outer success to be happy.

Robert said “I see it differently. Instead of thinking your success will create happiness, I believe that committing to your happiness increases your chances for success.”

This statement was so powerful that I had to tweet it instantly! Tweet: “Committing to your happiness increases your chances for success.”

I loved this topic so much that I decided to vlog about it. In this video I will help you re-frame your belief that success equals happiness. Instead I emphasize how focusing on happiness will clear your path to experience success beyond your wildest dreams. Putting this shift into practice will change your expectations, motivations and overall attitude towards life. Press play and let the miracles begin.

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