How to have it all…

I once had the privilege of attending a women’s conference hosted by Arianna Huffington. I was surrounded by some of the most successful women in our country. Each panel discussion included women CEO’s, prominent news anchors, film directors, reporters and more. All of whom were also mothers. Each woman openly discussed how hard it is to balance a successful career and a home life. They were all managing to keep everything together but much like any person who has a busy life, it seemed stressful.

Though there was an honest mention of stress there was a lot of empowering guidance coming from each panelist. The one message that continued to come up throughout the entire event was the concept that you can indeed have it all, but not all at the same time. This concept resonated with me deeply. I have always wondered how one can possibly manage it “all.” This was the answer! This message gave me hope. It helped me realize that I could focus my attention at different times in my life on what was important to me then. Rather than try to be everything all at once.


If you are someone who gets overwhelmed by the idea that you need to “have it all” then this principle is for you. Whenever you find the voice of your inner achievement addict, give yourself permission to thrive at one or two things and let go of the rest, for now. This principle is not suggesting that you give up your dreams or put your passions to the side. In fact, it’s saying the opposite. This suggestion gives you the opportunity to excel in many areas of your life and maintain the momentum. When we allow ourselves to focus on what’s right in front of us then we can manage and sustain the flow of our life. Whereas if we’re trying to do “it all” at once we will inevitably burn out. In this video I share more guidance on the topic.

Some of you may not resonate with this concept at first. In fact, I got some push back from this principle when I posted it on my Facebook page. Some people stated that they believed that the Universe was abundant and that they deserved to have it all, and NOW! Though I agree that the Universe is abundant and conspiring to serve us at all times there is a lot to be said for timing. I believe that the Universe is always working on our behalf but not always working on our time. {Tweet it} It’s important that we, as people on a spiritual path, accept that the Universe has a plan far greater than we do. So if we’re guided to focus on different strengths at different times then we must go with the flow rather than swim against the stream. When we flow towards what is working, rather than push into what isn’t then we allow the Universe to lead us towards what serves our highest good.

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