The spiritual secret to success!

For many years I thought my success was based on how stressed out and anxious I was. I equated accomplishment with overworking, pushing and manipulating outside circumstances in my favor.

My “go out and grab it” mentality only got me so far. I constantly felt like a hamster in a wheel trying to run faster but always winding up right where I left off. Worst of all I pushed my nervous system beyond it’s limit. I’d work, work, work and then burn out. This was a typical routine for me.

Then at age twenty-five upon hitting bottom I came to learn the blessing of stillness. In my case I had to hit an emotional, spiritual and physical bottom in order to slow down. I guess it doesn’t matter how I got there. All that matters is that I was finally still. Through meditation, prayer and my commitment to an inner awareness I was able to realize that my greatest accomplishments would come from stillness. This is when I really started living.

Stillness is the key to success. {Tweet it} When we still our mind and body we can truly connect with our spirit. Then once we establish a spiritual connection our job is to follow the guidance we receive. Slowing down and listening is the key to living a guided life. In stillness we hear and then it’s our job to take Good Orderly Direction from a God of our own understanding.

I once heard the great entrepreneur and yogi Russell simmons say: “I used to think anxiety and insomnia drove me to success, but it was the stillness that let me be good at anything. When you extend the seconds of stillness, that’s when you’re able to think and learn.” Russell nailed it. Living a guided life is about extending the seconds of stillness. As we add up the moments of stillness we begin to feel life begin to flow. What we need comes directly to us, life lessons are no longer so difficult and we have a greater awareness of our purpose and our connection to the world. Stillness is where it’s at.

In this video I share tools for practicing stillness to harness success.

Let this principle be an exercise in shifting your focus from “out there” to “in here.” Whenever you catch yourself back on that hamster wheel of anxiety, stress and control, then say: “Stillness is the key to my success.”

As a teacher in the field of personal growth it is my commitment to guide you through whatever is blocking you from truly owning your success. To do that, I’m rolling out a series of three free videos that will help clear the blocks to your confidence and provide direction you can act on right now. I’ve surveyed my audience and I know there are a few common issues that hold you back from truly stepping into your power. Click here to check out the first video in this series.


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