You’re not responsible for other people’s happiness…

I’m excited to be writing this blog post on happiness, because I know this topic will resonate with so many of you.

Recently, a friend was telling me about how she was visiting a very close friend of hers. This friend was going through a tough time, and when my friend left, she felt this heavy weight on her — a responsibility to make sure her friend was okay. She also felt inadequate because she couldn’t solve her friend’s problems. She felt like she couldn’t help enough.

Here’s what I told her: You can’t be responsible for another person’s happiness.

This can be really hard at times, especially if you’re a nurturing person or just deeply love the person who’s struggling. You want to be the fixer, to help them find the solution and make smart choices and see the light. It might even feel selfish NOT to intervene and take care of things. After all, aren’t friends and loved ones supposed to support each other?

Yes, of course.

But there’s a difference between loving and supporting someone and trying to fix their problems and make them happy. One you can do. The other you simply cannot. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness. And, in fact, swooping in and trying to take on the responsibility of another person’s happiness can hurt them in the long run and deprive them of miracles (I explain why in the video!).

When you feel the urge to be the fixer, follow the three steps I outline in the video. You’ll feel immediate relief. The weight will be lifted and you’ll be able to show up for your loved one AND yourself.

Leave a comment and let me know if this resonates with you. I hope it serves you.

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