How to Have More Faith

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Every single person you see believes they have their own unique problems and complicated life issues. We’ve all experienced the conditioning of the world and we’ve come to have faith in our dramas, judgments and fears.

We believe these experiences are our problems. But the only real problem is our separation from faith in love. I know that may sound really trippy. It’s likely that you feel deeply connected to your problems and stories of limitations. But I welcome you to open your mind to seeing this differently. Take a brief moment to consider that the problem isn’t what’s on the outside — the problem is the choice you made internally, the choice to lean toward fear and deny the right mind of love.

In this video I give a talk on the power of faith and the freedom that sets in when we accept that love is our true nature. The more we lean toward love, the more love becomes the image we create. {Tweet it} Watch this video for guidance on how to strengthen your faith and dissolve your problems with love.

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