My #1 Tool for Making Resolutions Stick

January is traditionally considered to be the perfect time to create change. Unfortunately, creating long-lasting change can be a challenge. Making New Year’s resolutions stick isn’t about buying ab contraptions, chomping nicotine gum, or following a trendy diet. True change doesn’t allow for shortcuts.

It’s not that resolutions are doomed. In fact, making a resolution can be a powerful choice—as long as you do it right. Want to truly commit to your resolution this year? Watch this video for my #1 tool for making resolutions stick.

As you’ll learn in this video the best way to walk confidently down your spiritual path is to repeat new behavior. Repetition is the key to creating permanent change. Studies show that when you repeat a new practice for 30 days you can shift the neural pathways in your brain. Groovy, right? Just by repeating new behaviors, we turn them into positive, long-lasting habits. This is how we make changes stick!

To help you stay consistent with your New Year’s resolutions I’ve got some awesome guidance for you! This month I launch my newest program, Get More Gabby, that will help you create long lasting change the will stick! I am incredibly psyched to launch this monthly miracle subscription platform, which lets us stay connected on every step of your spiritual path.

As a Get More Gabby member, each month you’ll get:

One never-before-heard podcast in which I’ll riff on new messages that I haven’t addressed before. Each one will offer a way through every block by way of transformational take-home tips and exercises.

A totally new guided meditation audio download that will help you release anxiety and stress to experience peace and grace in your life.

An archived lecture audio download or HD streaming video from my massive collection of favorites. These archived oldies are two-hour lectures on how to bring a miracle mindset into all areas of your life, from money to romance to body image.

A gorgeously designed Monthly Miracle Mantra that you can post to your vision board, share on social media and turn to whenever you need to center yourself.

Special deals and bonus content.

Are you ready to commit to your spiritual practice and foster some amazing personal growth? Sign up for Get More Gabby today for tons of fresh content I can’t wait to share with you!

I’ll be your spiritual running buddy along every step of your journey. No matter how busy you are, I’ll be there to support and inspire you each month with with Get More Gabby. Everything you need is in one place. All you have to do is log in and let the inspiration flow!

Why wait? It’s time to become the happiest person you know.

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