My #1 Tip for Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey week! In this week’s vlog I share my #1 tip for Thanksgiving. This tool will help you focus on what you do have in order to create more of what you want! Watch now and share in the comments all of the greatness that you choose to focus on this holiday season.

In addition to this video I’m offering an awesome gift. The holiday season can dredge up a lot of our food issues. From the piled-high Thanksgiving table to parties to sugary treats everywhere, there is plenty of temptation to indulge in old habits and unhealthy patterns—or deprive yourself and never enjoy a single get-together.

Even if your food issues drive you crazy this time of year (or all year), you can create a healthy spiritual relationship to food and yourself.

Join me for Finally Full: A Workshop on Spirituality and Food. It’s a 100% online course that you can participate in from anywhere via HD video or audio download. Right now I’m offering it for 25% off with the promo code TURKEYLOVE.

In the course, I talk about food addiction and body image issues and guide you toward establishing a healthy spiritual relationship to food. I also share wisdom from my own spiritual recovery around food addiction.

Let me help you get to the root cause of your issues around food. Now is your time to
release your fear around food and body image once and for all.


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