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The #1 Key to Success

I recently had a soulful conversation with my dear friend Robert Holden, the author of the new book, Holy Shift. We discussed how people get stuck in the belief system that they need to achieve some sort of outer success to be happy.

Robert said “I see it differently. Instead of thinking your success will create happiness, I believe that committing to your happiness increases your chances for success.”

This statement was so powerful that I had to tweet it instantly! Tweet: “Committing to your happiness increases your chances for success.”

I loved this topic so much that I decided to vlog about it. In this video I will help you re-frame your belief that success equals happiness. Instead I emphasize how focusing on happiness will clear your path to experience success beyond your wildest dreams. Putting this shift into practice will change your expectations, motivations and overall attitude towards life. Press play and let the miracles begin.

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The 3 Most Common Self-Help Questions

For the past decade I’ve been writing self-help books and preaching the Gospel of Gabby to lecture audiences throughout the world. No matter what country I’m in, I always seem hear the same 3 questions come up. Because these questions are so popular I decided to bring my answers to you! I’m confident that in some way or another you too have these questions and I hope this blog will support you.

The 3 most common self-help questions:

The first and most popular question is, “How do I release my fear?” My response is the same no matter what the person may fear. All our fears are rooted in the stories we choose to believe in. When we get stuck in negative stories (“I don’t have enough,” “I’m unsafe,” “I’m not good enough,” and so on), we give them continuous energy to feed on. By no means am I belittling our difficult, even traumatic, experiences. Instead, I’m offering the suggestion that we learn to release them so they don’t hold us hostage for the rest of our lives.

Begin to heal your fears right now simply by acknowledging them. We tend to put a lot of effort into ignoring our fears. Try looking at them instead. Upon looking at your fear, say, “I choose to see peace instead of this.” This simple choice shifts your perspective and begins a new pattern of releasing the fear rather than gripping it tightly. Stay committed to this statement: “I choose to see peace instead of this.” And trust that you are creating a new story. A shift in perspective may seem subtle, but it is infinitely powerful.

The second most popular question I get is, “How do I attract a romantic partner?” This question is relevant even if you’re attached! Attracting (or keeping) a romantic partner has everything to do with the energy you emit. If you give off a low vibe you are deflecting romance — your energy basically tells other people to back off. But if you choose to dwell in an energy of joy, you become super attractive. The simple tool here is to lean into what is joyful. If you make joy and inspiration a priority in your life you’ll become a magnet for attracting all kinds of relationships. Pay close attention to how your good attitude brings forth more love. If this feels new and weird to you, start with your interactions with friends, colleagues or even strangers. Share kindness and joy and see how it changes your everyday encounters.

The final question that I hear all the time is, “How do I meditate?” These days people are becoming more and more comfortable with the concept of meditation. Folks can easily identify that they are stressed and anxious. The way out of that stress and anxiety is through meditation. The simplest way to begin a meditation practice is through your breath. You have a minute to spare, right? One minute a day spent in stillness can change your life. Commit to one minute a day and use the practice below to silence your mind and calm your energy. Even if you have never meditated before, trust me: You can do this.

The One-Minute Breath
For one minute follow this breathing technique:
Breathe in for 5 seconds
Hold your breath for 5 seconds
Release for 5 seconds
Hold for 5 seconds

Practice this breath pattern for one minute every day. If you want to learn more about how to begin a meditation practice, check out my Beginners Guide to Meditation.

Do you think you’re psychic?

Do you think you’re psychic? Maybe you experience a lot of super cool synchronicities. For instance, whenever you’re thinking of someone, they call you, or when you’re humming a song in your head, it starts to play on the radio. These divine moments show up to remind us that we’re connected to our inner guidance system and that we’re on the right track.

The world teaches us to deny this gift, but we must empower our intuition to keep guidance flowing. When we take ownership of our psychic abilities we can use them for the highest good. The flow of synchronicity is always guiding us to what we need in order to heal and grow. {Tweet}

Own your psychic abilities starting now. Watch this week’s vlog!

To help you expand your intuition check out this blog.

How to handle petty arguments

Often the worst arguments are rooted in petty matters. The fight based on littleness can be extremely frustrating and a major waste of time and energy. In this video I share 3 steps for how to handle petty arguments. I have been practicing these 3 steps in all my relationships and I’ve experienced miraculous results.

The next time you’re ensnared in a petty disagreement, test-drive these 3 steps and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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How to teach meditation to kids

After the launch of my newest book, Miracles Now, I received some awesome emails from my readers. Many of them reported that they were intuitively guided to share the Miracles Now meditations with their kids! This news thrilled me. My hope and my intention is that those of us on a mindful path can organically plant spiritual seeds in our children. In this week’s vlog I share fabulous tips on how to teach meditation to kids. When you plant a spiritual seed in a child you can know that you have given them the greatest gift they could ever receive.

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How to handle a breakup

After publishing my book Spirit Junkie, I received countless emails and messages from readers saying the book helped them through a difficult breakup. In this video I teach the three most important relationship lessons I share in the book. If you’re recovering from a breakup this video will help you have gratitude for what you’ve learned rather than anger for what you’ve lost.

For more help navigating your relationships Spirit Junkie style, check out my new digital course, Fearless Relationships. For limited time you can get it for 35% off, so I encourage you to go for it if you feel called to! Fearless Relationships is for anyone who wants to be happier and more fulfilled in relationships, whether you’re currently single or attached.

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3 Steps to a Spiritual Relationship

A dear friend of mine is on the dating circuit, workin’ it on match.com and Tinder. Though she’s had success attracting dates, after a few weeks into the relationship she hits a point where fear totally takes her down. If the guy doesn’t call her exactly when she expects him to, or she doesn’t have the next date lined up in her calendar, she goes to crazy town. Sound familiar? Whether you’re single or attached, this type of control and fear can really wreak havoc in your romantic relationships. But you can let go of this fear and truly enjoy your relationships — from the first date to the fifth anniversary and beyond!

Watch this video for my 3 steps to a spiritual relationship.

If you’re ready to surrender your fears and go deeper on this journey, check out my newest digital course: Fearless Relationships. For a limited time I’m offering 35% off to my online community. Check it out here!

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You are a Lightworker

One amazing perk of my job is that I get to witness countless people release their fears and step into their true power. Every day I receive Facebook posts, emails and in-person conversations from people who want to share their transformational stories.

If you’re reading my blog (even for the first time), it’s likely that you’ve been on a journey of personal growth and you’ve begun to experience your own transformation. Maybe you’re in recovery from addiction, maybe you’re healing anxiety through meditation or maybe you read a spiritual book that changed your life. However you got here doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re here.

Your journey of personal development is all part of a divine plan. Our deepest struggles are the catalysts for our greatest change. {tweet it} The moment we embark on a spiritual journey, something radical awakens within us: a deep desire to spread the love. Whether you realize it or not, when you begin to unearth the light within yourself you’ll soon want to carry the message.

The metaphysical text A Course in Miracles says, “As you teach, you shall learn.”

The call to teach is undeniable — because the path to healing the world begins with the individual. As you heal your own perceptions you elevate the people around you. This begins a ripple effect of one person lighting up another and another and another. This is how we will light up the world.

It’s time for you to fully own this leadership role and surrender whatever is standing in your way from stepping into your power.

In this video message I share guidance on how you can own this power and embrace the true reason for why you’re here, why you struggled and what you can do with it now.

Follow my guidance, take my lead and accept that you are a lightworker.

Do you feel called to share your spiritual path with the world?

Are you a trainer, teacher, healer or on a committed spiritual path? Enrich your spiritual awareness and become a greater leader with my Spirit Junkie Masterclass training. June 5-7 join me in NYC for my transformational weekend training course. Spirit Junkie Masterclass is a one-of-a-kind program that helps teachers, coaches, and healers enrich their spiritual awareness while guiding them to elevate their brands and become greater leaders in their practice and the world. Get all the details here.

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How to Create Healthy Boundaries

Are you a sensitive person? I sure am. This characteristic can be very powerful if it’s fine-tuned — but when a sensitive person is unaware of their heightened empathy, it can become overwhelming and sometimes scary. When we’re highly sensitive it’s easy to pick up the energy of people around us.

Whether you identify as a sensitive person or just tend to be affected by the energy of words, negative news and people, this video will greatly support you.

There are a few wonderful techniques for protecting your energy to create loving boundaries. Watch this video for my guidance and put them to work today.