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5 Ways to Awaken Your Hidden Power

Your energy has far more power than you can even imagine. There is energy in the words you speak, in your emails and in your physical presence. When we function from a fearful, low-level energetic state, our thoughts and energy can literally pollute the world. Conversely, when we function from a place of positive energy, the world around us becomes more positive. The truth is that fear cannot coexist with love. Therefore, we must learn how to dissolve all boundaries with love by taking responsibility for our own energy. You have the power to raise your own energy and serve the world — and it’s easier than you might think.

As Yogi Bhajan said, “Show some respect for your hidden power. Awaken it!”

Ready to awaken your hidden power? Follow these five steps from my new book, Miracles Now.

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Step 1: Be More Real
Your real power stems from your authentic truth. This exercise heightens your awareness of what it feels like to be in your truth versus what it feels like to be out of alignment. Take out your pen and paper and describe the differences between what it feels like to be in your truth versus what it feels like to be in your ego. How do you act differently, talk differently, think and even breathe differently? Pay close attention to the differences in how you feel. Then, whenever you notice yourself out of alignment with your truth, use this affirmation: There is nothing more powerful than my authentic truth. These simple words realign you with what is real and remind you that your truth is your power. {Tweet it}

Step 2: Judge No More
Judgment weakens your power. I recently felt this firsthand when I noticed myself casually trash-talking. I wasn’t necessarily saying anything really mean or untrue, but it was trash-talking nonetheless. Afterwards I felt awful. My energy was low and I was weak. After witnessing how my words had weakened my power, I decided to change my ways. That moment I started counting how many days I’ve gone without judging. It’s been seven days now and I feel more energized, more connected to others and more powerful!

The reason is simple: Judgment creates separation. A Course in Miracles says, “The ego cannot survive without judgment. The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal.” Though judgment may be our default, unity is our truth. The moment we release judgment, unity is restored. Each shift from judgment to unity is a miracle. {Tweet it} Join me in counting days of judgment and raising our high vibes!

Step 3: Your Presence Is Your Power
Yogi Bhajan said, “If your presence doesn’t work, neither will your word.” The energy force that we bring to all situations and relationships determines what we will receive back. {Tweet it} That energy force is our presence. Access your power presence by practicing a meditation called the ego eradicator. I’ve shared this meditation in many lectures and workshops. I’m currently in the midst of a 40-day practice of ego eradicator as I prepare for my forthcoming book launch. This meditation is helping me bust through any stagnant energy and realign with my true source. I use this meditation right before I step onto the stage to give a talk, before an important phone call or any time when I want to bring my highest presence to the table.

Test-drive the ego eradicator today; if you feel called to take a deeper journey, try a 40-day practice.

Step 4: Access Your Power in the Service of Others
I recently heard Marianne Williamson say in a lecture, “I’ll tell you how to find your power: Use your power for someone who has none.” She nailed it! There’s no greater way to tap into your power then to be in the service of someone who has none. If you’re feeling disempowered, immediately find a way to serve. Go to a homeless shelter, mentor a child — do anything that helps you discover your power and use it in service of someone else. This radical action will instantly remind you of how powerful you really are and reinforce the essential idea that your power is best used to lift up others and serve the world.


Step 5: Shine

Most of us have been taught to turn down our power. Playing small won’t work anymore. The world is in desperate need of more miracle-minded people waking up to their true power and purpose. It is your responsibility to shine bright. When you shine you light up the world. Get into a daily practice of turning on your inner light. Use these tools throughout the day, be more real, stop judgment, meditate, and serve others. As you live in your power on a moment-to-moment basis you will notice your life begin to flow. You will feel more connected to your purpose. You will live in the light.

For further guidance enhancing your inner power, join me this weekend for my Manifest Miracles Now half-day workshop. This course is virtually free! Just preorder my new book, Miracles Now, to gain access to the Livestream course. You can attend from anywhere in the world. Preorder the book today and get the course plus two more gifts from me! Details here.


You’re awesome. Own it!


Our culture puts enormous emphasis on pushing harder and achieving more — in work, in relationships, in almost every aspect of life. We’ve been taught that pain has purpose and that if we’re not struggling we’re not succeeding. But there’s a different way to live. What would life be like if we emphasized how great we already are?

Today’s vlog is dedicated to focusing on just that. In this video I help you explore your greatest gifts and celebrate them. It’s undeniably fun, but it’s also important. When you focus on your greatness you elevate everyone around you. {Tweet it}

In the comments below I welcome you to share your gifts with us! Get into the habit of celebrating yourself.

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What I Learned from John of God

If you’ve been following me on instagram you know that I just got home from Brazil after visiting the famous medium John of God. (For more information about John of God you can watch this video.) I set off to Brazil seeking a blessing for my new book, Miracles Now. As I expected, I also received many additional blessings and lessons.

On my spiritual quest I received a lot of beautiful guidance. To my surprise, I learned one of my greatest lessons before I even arrived in Brazil. Watch this video to hear the message I received and learn how to apply it in your own life.

If you want to visit John of God in Brazil check out these two great guides:

Brazil Healing

John of God Brazil

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 11.43.08 AM

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How to Know the Difference Between ego and Intuition

The most common question I get in my workshops and lectures is, “How can I know the difference between my ego and my intuition?” My immediate response to is that we all have powerful intuition working through us at all times. {Tweet it} Our intuition is a kind, loving inner voice that guides us towards positive actions and peaceful outcomes. Often inspiration shows up as a strong knowing, a.k.a. a gut feeling. Sometimes intuitive guidance comes through as a powerful sense of inspiration or even a tingly sensation.

We all have this groovy inner guidance system but many of us disconnect from it. Watch this video for guidance on how to know the difference between the fear of your ego and the love of your inner guidance system. {Tweet it}

If you want to deepen your connection to your intuition a great resource is my book, Add More ~ing To Your Life, A Hip Guide to Happiness.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 12.14.06 PM

How to Find A Supportive Community

As a young girl I was introduced to many spiritual communities. My mother often brought me to visit ashrams and I sat beside her in weekly women’s circles. These sacred communities always made me feel safe and supported.

When I got to college, I started hosting my own groovy women’s circles. Groups of girls would gather in my apartment to eat snacks and talk about their feelings. Having community really helped me through the chaos and insecurity of my college years.

A common issue that I hear in my groups and lectures is that people feel alone on their spiritual journey. In response, I suggest that they look around the room and see how connected they really are. A huge part of my purpose in this life is to hold space for like-minded people to come together and support one another. {tweet it} Community is present here on my blog, on my Facebook fan page, at a live event, or on my social networking site HerFuture (a digital sisterhood).

If you feel alone on your spiritual journey, you’re not. You have a spiritual community available to you right here, right now. {Tweet it}

Watch this video for guidance on how to find community in your own life. {Tweet it}

5 Tips to Quit Sugar the Spirit Junkie Way

I just celebrated 1 year off of sugar! Pretty unreal, right? To be clear, I didn’t make this commitment out of vanity or to obsess over some new fad diet. My motivation for kicking sugar came from a deep desire to feel vibrant, healthy and energized. You see, the more I expand my inner awareness and spiritual faith the more conscious I am of how I feel. And as I grow more aware of my physical well-being, it becomes harder to indulge in bad habits.

With my deep desire to feel healthier, I set out on a wellness quest. In August (through doctor supervision) I committed to treat candida, an overgrowth of yeast in the digestive system that causes inflammation and myriad symptoms. One out of three people suffer from candida. (To learn more about candida and its effect on your health, read The Candida Cure by Ann Boroch.) One important way to treat candida is to remove sugar, including fruit, coconut palm sugar, agave, artificial sweeteners, barley malt, brown rice syrup, brown sugar, etc. Pretty much anything that has sugar or turns into sugar is a no-no on the candida diet.

At first, I thought living sugar free would be easy — considering how clean my diet already was. I was mistaken. Sugar is a tricky ingredient that shows up in just about everything. {Tweet it} To make this commitment work for me I’ve had to lean on my spiritual faith and truly surrender.

My spiritual surrender has been the key to my success in quitting sugar. Therefore, rather than give you five recipes for sugar-free desserts I’ve decided to share five spiritual steps to quit sugar. If you’re not interested in quitting sugar, you can use these steps for releasing any other habit you’d like to let go of. Use these tools and fully turn your will over to the care of your inner guide. Expect miracles.

5 Tips to Quit Sugar the Spirit Junkie Way

1. Get psyched to let it go!
Quitting sugar isn’t for dabblers. In order to really release the cravings and addiction, you must desire something else even more. In my case, the desire to feel healthy and energized far outweighed my raw chocolate cravings. Because I was so psyched about feeling healthy I was able to go into the sugar detox with enthusiasm and commitment.

If you’re not sure that you’re truly ready to let go of sugar (or any other habit that’s not serving you), wait it out. There’s nothing wrong with not being ready. I’d rather see you continue to indulge in the habit and simply stay willing to receive greater guidance than force yourself to change. If you try to force yourself into change, then change will never stick. {Tweet it}

2. Know that quitting sugar is a spiritual practice.
My first week off sugar I felt a severe sense of withdrawal. This is crazy considering how little sugar I had in my diet to begin with. The detox symptoms reminded me of when I got sober eight years ago. I felt sick, tired and even depressed. I turned to spirit for help in dealing with these emotions and symptoms. I prayed for guidance. Five minutes later, I found myself guided to check my Twitter feed. As the angels would have it, the first post in my feed was from Doreen Virtue:

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 12.07.14 PM



I smiled at the wink from the Universe and accepted this tweet as the answer to my prayer. I’ve been using Doreen’s sugar prayer ever since. Here it is:
dorreen prayer












Post this prayer on your refrigerator, desk or even by your bedside. Use it in the morning and throughout the day whenever you feel overwhelmed by your sugar cravings. The angels have your back!

3. Practice the meditation for addiction.

To quote my doctor and friend, Dr. Frank Lipman, “Sugar is like crack.” I couldn’t agree more. Sugar is a drug that keeps us wanting more to the point of addiction. When we’re addicted there is an imbalance in the pineal gland (also called the the third eye). The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. When the pineal gland is imbalanced, bad habits turn into addictions. The imbalance in the pineal gland affects the pituitary gland, which regulates the rest of the glandular system. When the pituitary gland is affected the entire body and mind go out of balance.

A major tool in my process of healing my addiction to sugar has been the Kundalini meditation for healing addiction. Follow this video for guidance.

Another great tool is my Body Love Meditation. This meditation will help you create a healthy spiritual relationship to food and yourself. Check it out here.

4. Find a sugar-free running buddy.
While I visited London I spent some special time with my friend Lou Lou aka Louniverse. Lou Lou has been on the candida diet for many years. Her commitment to a sugar-free lifestyle inspired me greatly. She turned me on to amazing books and recipes and had fun eating berries with me for dessert. It’s important to find a sugar-free running buddy when you embark on this path. To help you out, I created a Sugar Free Spirit Junkies power posse on my social networking site, HerFuture.com. Join this group for support and community.

5. Get down in the kitchen!

One of the most meditative times of my day is when I’m cooking. Getting off sugar has given me even more reason to rev up my culinary skills. When you kick the sugar you can feel a little sad. One great way to combat this grief is to have a lot of fun making sugar-free recipes! A fantastic resource is Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar. I’ve been using the I Quit Sugar: The Chocolate Edition for all of my dessert cravings. I’ve also enjoyed the I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook for awesome support and recipes.

Cooking is meditation and a radical act of self-care. {Tweet it} Get down in the kitchen and cook up inspiration and excitement!

Oh, and I’m not going to leave you hanging: Here’s my (delicious) sugar-free brownie recipe that I made up. Please keep in mind that I am pretty intuitive in the Kitchen. I rarely use measuring devices or use a recipe. Below is my intuitive recipe for sugar free brownies. Please feel free to adjust the measurements if something feels off to you. Use your own intuition in this spiritual baking process:)

1 cup almond flour
1 Tbsp. organic baking powder
1 Tbsp. hemp milk (or almond milk)
1 Tbsp. of hemp seeds
1 Tbsp. of chia seeds
10 drops sweet leaf vanilla stevia (or more if you want it sweeter, but be careful with stevia — it’s strong!)
½ cup organic coconut flakes
2 Tbsp. raw organic almond butter (with no added sugar)
1 egg (If you’re vegan you can try this recipe without the egg)
1½ Tbsp. organic coconut oil
Dash of salt
½ cup organic cacao powder (you can add more if you want extra chocolate)
Handful crushed walnuts (optional)

1. Grease a small (8×8 or 9×9) brownie pan with coconut oil or organic butter.

2. Combine all ingredients into a large mixing bowl and stir completely while listening to this mantra. Remember that this is a meditative process.

3. Once the ingredients are completely mixed, pour the mix into the greased brownie pan.

4. Bake at 350° for 20 minutes.

5. Remove the pan from the oven and let cool for 15 to 20 minutes. Practice the art of patience.

6. Tweet it before you eat it! Tag me at @GabbyBernstein on Instagram & Twitter with your photos. I will regram the pics that make my mouth water!

7. Share them with your sugar-free running buddy!

Sat Nam

14 Ways to Make 14 Miraculous

14 waysIt can be hard to believe amidst the holiday hustle and bustle that 2014 is actually here. Rather than merely hope 2014 comes through for you, seize the opportunity to make January a beautiful, miraculous month — the month you Reignite Your Life!

How long have you been living a life that’s almost — but not quite — the one you dream about? So many of us spend years (or decades) longing to live a more fulfilling, exciting, and authentic life. But old patterns and fearful beliefs hold us back.

It’s time to stop dancing around the perimeter of the person you are here to be. Dive in fully and completely! Follow my 14 ways to make 2014 miraculous and kick off the New Year with powerful energy and enthusiasm.

Tip 1. Be willing to change.
Your willingness is crucial in maintaining and sustaining long-lasting change. The key to making resolutions stick is to choose something that you really want to change! Your resolution won’t stick if you don’t REALLY want it. Rate your resolution on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 means you really want it). If you’re under 5 maybe reconsider the resolution for another year.

Tip 2. Find a resolution running buddy.
When you make a commitment to yourself and another person you’re more likely to stick to the plan. Find a friend who wants to be your resolution running buddy. You can support each other on your path. It’s really helpful if you share the same resolution and work together to maintain the positive change.

3. Say nice things to yourself. You’re the only one listening.
Sometimes the biggest bully you know is you. This New Year become aware of the unkind ways you speak to yourself. Tweet: Every thought is an affirmation either lifting you up or knocking you down. Your thoughts speak louder than words and it’s time clean them up and use them wisely. Pay close attention to the negative thoughts you repeat over and over. Then do your best to re-frame those thoughts in an empowering way. For instance, if you’re constantly thinking, “I’ll never reach my desired weight,” then re-frame that thought to, “I am taking powerful steps towards my desired weight.” A simple shift in your thinking can create a miracle.

4. Start your day off right.
Don’t check your email as soon as you wake up. Sit for at least one minute of stillness. Recite a positive affirmation, like, ‘I’m going to respect myself today,’ or use one of my affirmations from the Spirit Junkie Affirmation Alarm Clock. In addition, avoid watching the news for at least an hour. Start your day with positivity and power.

5. Get social with your change.
In 2013 I kicked sugar using social media. I made a commitment to myself and my followers that I was going to quit the sugar once and for all. I posted daily pictures of the healthy food I was eating and cooking and I tracked my day count off of sugar. Reaching out to the community kept me accountable and supported my desired goal. Tweet: If you’re ready for a miraculous shift then get social with your change.

6. Focus on what makes you feel good.
One simple way to energize your life, create more time and be more productive, is to feel inspired. Tweet: When you focus on what is joyful you bring more joy into your life. Take time to engage in your hobbies, read inspiring books or listen to music that you love. You don’t have to wait for inspiration: find it by focusing on what gets your mojo working and you’ll energize every area of your life.

7. Get creative.
This year, tap into your creative side. Creative hobbies will take you out of your daily patterns and ignite your inner spirit. Pledge to engage in a creative project as often as possible. You’ll find that time spent in creativity heightens your happiness and gives you more energy for the other areas of your life. For instance, this month I begin a 6-week ceramics class and I’ve committed to making miracle mugs for all of my friends! (Stay tuned for the instagram pics!)

8. Stop binge watching episodes of Revenge.

Confession: I spent the better half of 2013 watching Revenge and Breaking Bad. I admit that I’m also severely addicted. These days it’s way too easy to get sucked into TV and lose track of time. We can spend hours sucked into Netflix rather than use that time for creative projects. Take a TV break and replace it with something more inspiring. Take walks around your neighborhood, write in your journal, read a new book, try a fun new fitness routine or meditate with me. Get back all the hours you wasted binging on Netflix and reignite your life with new activities. Next time you’re about to press play on the next episode of Revenge press play on this video instead.

9. Fall in love with your exercise method.
I believe that the best way to stay committed to exercise is to fall in love with your exercise routine. When you find joy in exercise then you begin to long for it. For instance, I choose exercises that make me feel childlike, such as, jumping on the mini trampoline or rollerblading. When I ignite my inner child I have more fun and I fall in love with the experience. Being in love with my exercise routine makes me wake up each morning psyched to get back on the trampoline or strap on the rollerblades.

Find an exercise routine that ignites your inner spirit and fall in love with it! Falling in love with your exercise will make it an exciting part of your day rather than a chore.

10. Just show up!
The Kundalini yoga masters taught that 90% of the practice was just showing up to class or sitting down to practice yoga. If 90% of creating a new habit is just showing up, then we can take the pressure off. If your goal is to work out more, remember that 90% of the resolution is to get your butt to the gym! Stop waiting for something major to happen—just show up for change.

11. Keep it simple.
Have you ever desperately wished you could make change happen overnight? If so, you’re not alone: we’ve all been there. But we must surrender to the fact that real change happens by adding up subtle shifts. Tweet: Each subtle shift creates a new experience of positive change. When we add up these moments, we create new behavior. It’s important to keep it simple and stay in the day. Let yourself off the hook! Instead of getting overwhelming by focusing on changing your whole life right now, simply begin paying attention to the moment-to-moment subtle shifts. Trust that the miracle lies within the subtleties. For support on creating these subtle shifts check out the new release of my New York Times bestselling book May Cause Miracles, available in paperback on 1/14/14!

12. Expand your inner awareness.
All of my books and lectures have one common theme: Tweet: When we strengthen our inner awareness our outer experience becomes miraculous. This New Year accept this truth: as you slow down and tune into your own inner guidance system you’ll receive all the power and resources you need to flourish. Stop looking outside yourself for answers. Begin a meditation practice and expand your inner awareness with my free guided meditations.

13. Repetition creates permanent change.
Resolutions aren’t for dabblers. It’s important to repeat your new behavior. Make a commitment to stick to your resolution for 40-days straight. That daily repetition will change the neural pathways in your brain and help you create long-lasting change.

14. Have fun!
The best way to stick to your resolutions is to have fun with them. For instance, if you want to get into shape, find really fun and innovative workouts. Or if you want eat more healthfully, fall in love with cooking awesome recipes.

Real, lasting change — the kind that allows you to launch and sustain the life you dream of — requires you to immerse yourself in your desires, let go of negative patterns, and do it all with openness, structure, and support.

Are you ready to launch your life?

This January, join me for Reignite, a brand-new group intensive course. Attend the Reignite intensive course in-person in Manhattan or anywhere online via Livestream video or phone. Plus, you can access the video and audio recordings following each session. The recordings will be yours forever. Check out the details here. Early-bird discount expires 1/2/14.


3 Tips for a Happier Holiday

Let’s face it, the holidays can bring up a lot of funky feelings about your family. These issues can actually be a good thing because they create an opportunity to change. This holiday don’t let your family dynamic get you down. Instead, follow these simple tips for keeping the peace around the dinner table.

Tool One: Mirroring
Is there a family member that gets under your skin? Someone who riles you up by their mere presence. The truth is: the feeling they ignite in you is a reflection of the way you feel about yourself. Don’t point the finger at them, because they are not at fault. Rather, they are simply reflecting the way you feel about you. They are the mirror.

If you feel insecure about yourself, insecurity will be reflected back at you. If you don’t believe in yourself neither will anyone else. However, if you feel good about yourself, others will feel good about you. Therefore, by using the universal mirror this holiday season you’ll stop blaming others and instead look inward at the opportunities for personal growth.

Each time you experience a strong adverse reaction to someone, ask yourself the following questions; what is this person’s behavior making me feel and how is that related to the way I feel about myself?

Tool Two: Mind the Gap
In this case, minding the gap is all about breaking old patterns. Instead of flipping out when someone upsets you, stop and witness the feeling that comes up. Then hang out with that feeling for 90 seconds. Feeling instead of reacting creates a gap, which serves as a form of healing. Feeling your unfelt pain is actually a big release, as it allows your old issues to dissolve and heal.

Tool Three: Use the F Word
The final is forgiveness. Holding onto resentment actually harms you. This is because your resentment keeps you stuck in the past and negatively affects your state of mind. Feelings of anger weaken your thoughts, your energy and your physical well being. By choosing to forgive you release negativity and clear space for happiness to set in.

Bring happy back into your holidays by practicing the above tools. Remember, family members can be your best teachers and all “issues” are universal assignments. Focus your attention inward, feel your feelings and when in doubt use the F word.

For more guidance on this topic watch this week’s vlog on my ELLE.com guest page. Watch here.

How to Be Disciplined Without Being Psychotic

When we commit to creating positive change in our lives, we can sometimes get a little psycho about it. I believe in discipline as long as it doesn’t become another reason to stress out. In this video I talk about how we can find balance in our practice and be disciplined without being psychotic.

If you’re looking for more guidance on creating powerful change, join me this January for my new group intensive entitled, Reignite. Check out the details here.