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Money and Miracles

Financial fear and insecurity is at an all-time high. While on the road for the May Cause Miracles book tour, I talked to so many people who felt strangled by their lack mentality and fear of not having enough. This week’s video is focused on Week Five: Raise Your Self-Worth, Raise Your Net Worth. In this video I offer guidance on how to shift your fear around your finances.

Throughout Week Five of May Cause Miracles, I teach that abundance begins with your mindset. If you think lacking thoughts, that lack will be reflected in your bank account. The goal this week is to start cleaning up your thoughts and energy around money.

You’ll begin to understand that energy is currency. When your energy has an essence of abundance, you greatly increase your capacity to receive more abundance. Yogi Bhajan said it best: “You run after wealth and glory and glamour. But it will run after you, providing you are an open channel.” Let’s work together this week to bust through the lack mentality and rev up your creative capacity to exchange and receive financial abundance.

Each subtle shift this week will help you open up to your miracle mindset around your finances to raise your self-worth and your net worth.

Want to take these principles even further? Check out my friend Marie Forleo’s free video on how to build an online business. Marie’s mission is to help people release their financial fears and open up to creative possibilities for abundance. Watch here.

The Relationship Chapter

Hey Miracle Workers!
Thank you all for sharing your thoughtful May Cause Miracles stories with me. I love seeing your Instagram photos, reading your social media updates, and sharing in your experiences through your blog posts.

If you’re enjoying the book and want to take your May Cause Miracles journey to the next level, join me TONIGHT for the beginning of the MCM 6-week course based on the book. And if you live in Canada, take note! This week I begin my Canadian book tour. Wednesday I’m speaking with my friend Danielle Laporte in Vancouver. We’re speaking together again in Victoria on Friday. Then the following week I’m speaking in Toronto!

I hope you enjoyed last week’s video on Week Three of May Cause Miracles. Now we’re on Week Four—which focuses on relationships. The goal for this week is to help you learn to accept all your relationships as divine spiritual assignments. In this video, I’ll guide you to recognize the learning opportunity in all your relationships. As you begin to make this miraculous shift, you’ll become much more accepting in your experience of others.

Enjoy this week’s practice, and please feel free to leave messages or questions about the book in the comments below!

Body Image

Hello miracle workers! It has been such an amazing few weeks. Once again, thank you for your support in spreading the May Cause Miracles message. I’m proud to share that the book will be on the NY Times Bestseller list again this week! This book has taken on a life of it’s own.

It was awesome to meet so many of you on my U.S. book tour. Each city brought a different type of energy and enthusiasm, and it was fabulous to connect with so many of you. I’m excited to let you know that I’ve got great things coming up–no matter where you live!

Next week I begin my May Cause Miracles Live Course. If you’d like to deepen your practice, join me live in NYC or from anywhere via Livestream/phone.

I kick off my international tour on 1/30 with a speaking engagement in Vancouver. From there I go to Victoria (2/1), Toronto (2/8) and London (3/9). I hope to see you Spirit Junkies across the globe!. (For other dates and locations click here.)

Today’s vlog is focused on Week Three from May Cause Miracles, which is all about body image. In this video I share how our bodies can be perceived as vehicles for spiritual growth and healing. This new perception guides us to respect our bodies in a whole new way. Watch this video to prepare for Week Three!

Missed the intro videos for Week One or Week Two? You can watch them here.

Let the Miracles Begin

Wow. Launch week was awesome! It was wonderful to connect with so many of you in Connecticut and New York. I was overwhelmed by the turnout at both events and I’m psyched to raise the roof again this week in SF and LA. Throughout the May Cause Miracles book tour I’ll also be speaking in Miami, Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto and London!

For the next six week’s I’ll be sharing videos that will guide you through each chapter of May Cause Miracles. In today’s vlog I talk about Week One: Becoming Miracle Minded. This video will emphasize the message from A Course in Miracles which say’s, “My thoughts are images I have made.” As you begin to take responsibility for your thoughts you’ll  experience miraculous shifts the moment you become willing to change your mind. Week One of May Cause Miracles will set those shifts in motion.

If you want further guidance on your May Cause Miracles journey I invite you to join me in NYC or on Livestream/phone for my 6-week course dedicated to each chapter of the book. The course begins this month and the details are here.

Let the miracles begin!

New Year, New Book!!!

Happy New Year, miracle workers!
I’m psyched to crack open a new year. Now is the perfect time to take action toward manifesting sparkling new ideas and goals.That’s why I chose to launch my new book, May Cause Miracles, on New Year’s day. Most of us have made New Year’s resolutions in the past—but it’s time to take the whole “new year, new you” idea to a radical new level.

It’s one thing to think about how we want to change our lives, but it’s another thing entirely to make the commitment to creating truly miraculous change. The awesome thing about May Cause Miracles is that it’s a 40-day journey with structure and support. I guide you throughout each subtle shift, so you can add them up to really work some miracles. Learn more about the book in today’s vlog:

And if you want to amp up your practice, sign up for my May Cause Miracles live course. It starts this January and you can attend live in NYC or anywhere via live stream! This group workshop goes chapter by chapter so you don’t miss a thing. Get the scoop on the course and sign up!

Get May Cause Miracles today and let’s show 2013 what’s up!


How to Handle Your Feelings About the Sandy Hook Shooting

How does one handle the news that 26 people were shot in an elementary school, 20 of whom were small children? Managing our feelings in situations like this can be confusing and overwhelming. How do we find any power when we’re powerless? How do we go on with our day-to-day lives when such a tragedy is unfolding so close to home? How do we act normally without fear of going to the movies or the mall or dropping off our kids at school?

There is no right or wrong way to feel when it comes to tragedy. But there are tools that can greatly guide you through your emotions and help you find power in a powerless situation. I’ve outlined three steps for you to begin practicing now. It’s important that our nation come together and open up to new ways of heightening our consciousness. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and deeply emotional about the shooting in Newtown, begin using the tools in this video immediately.

You can meditate and pray to this music

Change is easy, when you want it!

Last week I shared how I was able to get off coffee through my strong desire and willingness to change. I then invited you to share what you were ready to change in 2013. This video will help you take your willingness to the next level. Creating long-lasting change is easy — when you genuinely want it. So before you start making lofty resolutions that you know you won’t keep, why don’t you prepare to do it right this year? Use my three steps to set yourself up to win and make your resolutions stick.

Want more support in your journey of new perceptions? Heck yeah! Join me for my FREE course: How to Create What You Want in 2013. Pre-order my new book, May Cause Miracles, and you’ll immediately get the video from session one and the login for tonight’s second session!

A Meditation to Bust Through Your Blocks

Hey Spirit Junkies! Today I have a radical vlog for you! Many folks have been asking me to share more Kundalini meditations. Well, you’re in luck! The theme for this video is the Kundalini Sutra for the Aquarian Age: There is a Way Through Every Block. To help you embody this message, I teach the Kundalini meditation called ego eradicator. This meditation busts through the ego’s littleness and opens you up to your inner awesomeness and faithful intuition. As A Course in Miracles says, “Peace without faith cannot be attained.” Therefore, we must use our prayer and meditation to heighten our faith so we can truly enjoy a state of peace. Get your ego eradicator on! Watch now…

Click here for your spotify playlist for the ego eradicator meditation.

OMG I’m Going on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday!

This Sunday I’ll be featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. Mastin Kipp and Marie Forleo accompanied me for a segment on next-generation thought leaders. Sitting next to Oprah for this hour-long interview, I was able to understand the magnitude of her mission. Learn more about my experience in today’s video and the blog below.

Last Monday I got a frantic call from my mother. She breathlessly told me, “There’s someone on your Facebook fan page writing nasty things about you! But don’t worry, honey, I responded and set her straight.” I laughed and said, “Thanks for sticking up for me, Mom, but that’s not how I handle negativity on the Internet.” I went on to explain that as a spiritual student and teacher I must practice what I preach. By bringing my spiritual practice to these situations I intuitively know how to handle haters on the Internet. I helped my mother understand that engaging in the negativity only invests in the negativity. Rather than defend myself and fight back, I’ve learned to see these encounters as divine spiritual assignments. Through compassion, defenselessness and forgiveness, I’ve come to see how mindfully dealing with Internet haters can only strengthen my spiritual faith.

As the Universe would have it, that wouldn’t be my only conversation about Internet haters that week. The following day I was in Chicago, shooting a segment of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. What was one of Oprah’s first questions to my panel? She asked how we handle haters on the Internet! My immediate responses was, “Forgive and delete.” I explained how I use forgiveness and several other spiritual principles to shine light on the darkness of the Internet.

If you’re anything like my mother, it’s time to put down the boxing gloves and use my three spiritual tools for handling haters online.

Step 1: It’s Not About You

When people attack us on the Internet, many of us immediately assume that the attack has merit and means there’s something wrong with us. I choose to have a different perspective—I like to have compassion for these folks. Let’s face it: A happy person won’t waste their time posting negativity on positive people’s pages. Therefore, we must have a tremendous amount of compassion for these people. Anyone who wastes their time and energy spreading negativity clearly needs more light in their life. Begin your practice by saying a prayer for the person. Simply say, “I pray for you to release your negativity and see love instead. I pray for you to be happy.” This prayer will immediately reconnect you to a sense of compassion and help you let go of your anger.

Step 2: “In My Defenselessness My Safety Lies”

As a student and a teacher of the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles, I’ve come to learn that “insistence means investment.” When we invest in the illusions of others by defending ourselves or fighting back, we only invest deeper into the craziness. Engaging in negativity creates more of it. Therefore, instead of fighting back or becoming defensive, I remind myself of the Course’s message, “In my defenselessness my safety lies.” Choosing to release defensiveness helps us steer far away from creating more drama. Fighting back is like yelling at a barking dog. There’s no good outcome. Instead, practice defenselessness and witness how much energy and time you save avoiding more drama.

Step 3: Forgive and Delete

The final step is the clutch move. As I said to Oprah, we must forgive and delete. Oprah was pretty psyched to learn that we can actually manage our social media fans. Though we don’t have full control over what people say, we can block nasty people and hide hateful comments. But rather than block and hide with an energy of resentment, let’s forgive first. Forgiveness helps us detach from the negative energy cord that can live even through the Twittersphere or the Facebook universe. Energy is in everything. If we don’t clean up our energy through forgiveness, we’ll continue to carry negativity. In the case of handling haters on the Internet, it’s imperative that you practice the F word and forgive.

Steps one and two will prime for forgiveness. Compassion will reconnect you to a sense of oneness and defenselessness, which will help you put down the boxing gloves and settle into a new perspective. The final step is to let go fully and forgive. In this step you’ll use prayer once again. Simply say, “I pray to forgive you and release you.” Then feel free to block the user or hide the comment. If you have the power to clear the feed, let that become part of your practice. There’s no reason to let negative comments linger. Simply forgive and delete.

Practice Positive Posting
These three steps will help you navigate negative comments on the Internet, but what’s most important is to practice raising the positive energy around you. Where there is darkness we need to bring more light. Therefore, join me in 30 Days of Positive Posting. Commit to refrain completely from negative posts and only share positivity. Post your favorite quotes, retweet inspiring nuggets of wisdom, Instagram enlightening photos, and pin beautiful pictures that make you smile. Our greatest response to negative posts is a positive one. If we all join together to share more positivity and love on the Internet, the energy of love will heighten. And when love spreads, there’s less space for negativity. Join us on November 18 for Super Soul Sunday and keep us posted on how your 30 days of positive posting shifts your energy and your life.