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My Interview with Daphne Oz

In this week’s vlog I sit down with my friend Daphne Oz and chat about her New York Times bestselling book Relish, An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun. In the book Daphne shares essential advice on how to relish your food, your home, and your life in order to maximize health and happiness.

Daphne shares her empowering tips for creating a healthy relationship with food and will help you envision a life that’s highly desirable and eminently achievable. Enjoy the vlog and make sure to pick up your copy of Relish!

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A Meditation for Healing Addiction

Let’s face it: in some form or another we all suffer from addiction. These days we often turn to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, work, the Internet and many other addictive obsessions in efforts to avoid feeling our discomfort. If we’re not addicted to the drugs, cigarettes or the typical vices then we are subconsciously addicted to fear, rejection, victim-hood etc. In some way we’re all addicted to negative patterns.

When we’re addicted there is an imbalance in the pineal gland also called the the third eye. The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. When the pineal gland is imbalanced bad habits turn into addictions. The imbalance in the pineal gland affects the pituitary gland which regulates the rest of the glandular system. When the pituitary gland is affected the entire body and mind go out of balance.

Use this Kundalini meditation for any type of addiction from alcoholism to addiction to fear based thoughts.

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Breakdown as taught by Yogi Bhajan
Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh. Straighten the spine and make sure the first six lower vertebrae are locked forward.

Eyes: Keep the eyes closed and focus at the Brow Point.

Mantra: SAA-TAA-NAA-MAA {in your mind as you press down on your molars}

Mudra: Make fists of both hands and extend the thumbs straight. Place the thumbs on the temples and find the niche where the thumbs just fit. This is the lower anterior portion of the frontal bone above the temporal-sphenoidal suture. Lock the back molars together and keep the lips closed. Keeping the teeth pressed together throughout,
alternately squeeze the molars tightly and then release the pressure. A muscle will move in rhythm under the thumbs. Feel it massage the thumbs and apply a firm pressure with the hands. Silently vibrate the five primal sounds—the Panj Shabd—SAA-TAA-NAA-MAA, at the brow.

Time: Continue for 5-7 minutes. With practice the time can be increased to 20 minutes and ultimately to 31 minutes.

If you want to learn more about Kundalini Yoga check out my teacher Gurmukh’s video class.

Meditations to calm down

April is National stress awareness month. Last week I visited Good Day New York to share ways to reduce stress. In this video I offer a stress-free way to start your day and two Kundalini meditations that will calm you down.
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How to Reduce Stress

For months I’d been praying for a book that would keep me up at night. You know what I mean: the kind of book you just can’t bear to put down. One afternoon I opened my mailbox to find a package—it was an advance copy of my dear friend Nick Ortner’s new book, The Tapping Solution. For several years Nick has led a tapping revolution. Tapping, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is a psychological acupressure technique that supports your emotional health. By tapping on specific energy meridians on your body, you can unblock ancient fears, limiting beliefs and negative patterns. When stimulated, your body’s energy meridians can trigger the amygdala (a.k.a. the “fight or flight” part of brain) and signal it to calm down. When the amygdala gets the memo that it’s safe to relax, stress is immediately reduced. I’ve found tapping to be one of the best ways to bust through blocks in an instant.

Now I’m taking my tapping to the next level! In reading Nick’s new book, The Tapping Solution, I’ve taught myself how to lead a tapping session. In this vlog I will lead you through a tapping session that will lessen your stress and help you feel physically and mentally calmer. As you tap on the specific meridians I will guide you to address certain emotions that come up around your stress. Simply follow my lead and let the tapping begin!

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For additional help reducing stress check out my meditation albums here.

A Meditation for Manifesting

In this video I teach a Kundalini meditation called Purify the Subtle Body. The subtle body, is the part of us which calls in opportunities, brings us good news and attracts positivity towards us. This meditation strengthens your energy field so that you become a magnet for miracles. Practicing this meditation will make you shine bright and deepen your connection to the Universe.

In the video I breakdown the meditation and guide you along with the music. For further clarification please see the instructions below. If you have a shoulder issue and cannot lift your arms overhead simply envision yourself doing the exercise and you’ll receive the same benefit from the meditation.

If you enjoy this meditation you can check out the full May Cause Miracles digital course here.

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Mudra: Sitting in easy pose (cross legged) with a straight spine, place the arms down by the sides, backs of the palms on the ground next to the sides of the body.

Movement: As you inhale, raise the arms over the head, until the two palms overlap a few inches above the your head (known as the tenth gate). The right hand will be a few inches above the head. The left palm will lie flat on top of the back of the right hand. The thumbs do NOT touch. (Note: Yogi Bhajan very specifically keeps the thumbs separated when the hands overlap over the top of the head.)

Breath: Make your mouth into an “O.” Inhale through the “O” as you raise the arms over the head, and exhale through the “O” as you lower the hands back down to the ground.

Chant: The “Tantric Har” music which is played in the video. On the first “Har” raise your arms up. On the second “Har” your arms go down. Continue in this rhythmic movement. Pull in on the navel and the diaphragm as you do the movement.

Time: If you’re new to Kundalini meditation begin with 3 minutes. If you want to go big then practice this meditation for 11 minutes a day.

End: Inhale deeply. Immediately interlace the hands over the head, elbows straight, and begin to deeply stretch the body right to left, and left to right, without letting go of the hands.

Continue as you hold the breath for 15 seconds. Exhale. Repeat 3 times total. Relax.

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Meditation for Prosperity


Today’s vlog is one of many Kundalini meditation videos that I’ll be sharing. In this video I teach the meditation for prosperity. This meditation expands your electromagnetic field which enhances your attracting power. In addition, this meditation stimulates the mind, the moon center and Jupiter. When Jupiter and the moon come together there is no way you cannot create wealth! When you practice the meditation in this video chant along with the Har Tantric found here. If you have questions or thoughts about the meditation I welcome you to leave a comment below.

If you’d like to learn more Kundalini yoga and meditation from me join me for three week fearless relationships.

Enjoy today’s vlog! Cheers to your abundance.

Practice this meditation to the Har Tantric mantra found below here.

How to Meditate

So many of my readers and viewers struggle with meditation. Whether you’re a meditation newbie or have had a practice for years, the powerful act of tuning in can be challenging at times. To amp up your meditation practice and demystify the experience I’ve created this video on how to meditate.


For further meditation guidance, you can check out my guided meditation albums here. If you’re new to my work, you can grab my free guided meditations here.

Share your miracle story

MIRACLE WORKERSMany of you have recently completed or are nearly finished with your 40-day practice of May Cause Miracles. In this week’s vlog I shine light on Week Six and the importance of accepting your true purpose.

It is a true honor to witness your growth—and now it’s time to celebrate it! In the comments below I welcome you to share your miracles with me. Post a story, a quote, a video or a blog. Tell me about your May Cause Miracles journey so I can give you a virtual high five!

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Enjoy this week’s vlog and share your miracles with me!

The Gift of Spreading Love


Hey miracle workers!

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