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What I Learned in Berlin

Spirit Junkies!!! I’ll be back in the US in July. I welcome anyone, anywhere to join me for my July group coaching course and my God is my Publicist Lecture!

This week I’m psyched to share with you what I learned in Berlin. Wherever I go I welcome opportunities for spiritual growth. In Berlin I received a beautiful lesson from my European friends. If you tend to overdo it with food, love, money … then this vlog is for you!!!

Co-Worker Karma

Working with others can sometimes be an ego nightmare. In this vlog I share my Spirit Junkie tools for creating more positive connections with your co-workers. Learn to let go of resentments and experience miraculous shifts in your workplace.

My Hot New Look!

Woo hoo! Check out my hot new vlog! By infusing inspiration and love into my weekly vlogs I was rewarded by Youtube. Thousands applied and 16 were chosen to be Youtube Next Vloggers! As part of this amazing program I received $5,000 in video equipment and today I’m showing off the goods in this new vlog!

The Spirit Junkie message in today’s vlog is to stay focused on what opens your heart and inspires you fully. When you infuse your hobbies with love and inspiration they will be fully supported by the Universe.


Meaning and Money



I was recently interviewed for a story called Meaning is the New Money featured in the May issue of Women’s Health Magazine. The story is about getting paid for doing good! In this vlog I touch on the key components to having a successful career that is socially responsible. To learn more about this topic, join me and Women’s Health Magazine on 5/23 for a live lecture and panel discussion called Meaning is the New Money. Anyone, anywhere can attend!  DETAILS HERE.


Discover Your Erotic Creature

In this video I share about my S Factor journey towards discovering my Eroctic Creature. To learn how to awaken your power presence within watch this vlog. And if you want to learn more about accessing your attracting power join me for my lectures tomorrow in Toronto or Friday in NYC/Livestream video.

Get in bed with me!

Yup, I’m officially vlogging from my bed! In this video I share about why I think sleep is a spiritual practice. Hop into bed with me and learn my tips for how to get more rest and the spiritual benefits of sleep.

How to Handle What’s Out of Your Control

Do you try to control situations in your life? If the answer is yes, then this video is for you! In this vlog I offer practical tools and spiritual solutions for how to handle situations that are out of your control. Enjoy the vlog!